Making the transition from being at home with a parent to being in infant care can be hard for your little one. However, great infant care in Norco Montessori can help your child to grow and develop. Here are 3 ways that infant care helps your child develop in healthy ways. 


Being away from a parent is a challenge for an infant but also offers the opportunity to grow in independence. A child who is away from the primary caregiver will start to develop confidence and to take risks in a safe and comfortable setting. As your infant grows in confidence, he or she will begin to get more used to being away from you and taking important steps that are necessary for his or her development. Encourage that independence and nurture it the most you can. 

Age-appropriate interaction

Being in a room full of other infants is a prime time for your infant to interact with other babies his or her own age. Infants will begin to play with others and learn the value of relationships. This young interaction is very important for their social skills further down the line. Getting the chance to be with other young children helps them to form early connections and begin to see outside of their small world at home. Being able to be with other infants their age will set the stage for a lifetime of interactions with other people.   

New Toys and Stimulation

An infant care environment opens up a whole new world for your infant. There are new toys and different stimulations for your infant to enjoy. He or she can begin to take in the world in new ways. Your infant will be learning and gradually expanding his or her mind. Opportunities in Laguna Niguel infant care will be there for your young child to get used to all the sights and sounds that the world has to offer.