The Goal of our Center is to Activate the Child’s
Own Natural Desire to Learn and Explore.
Where Your Kids Spread Their WingsWelcome to Norco Montessori Academy!

The nurturing staff of Norco Montessori Academy creates a home away from home for the infant that consist of students 6 weeks to 24 months of age.

Our Pre-Primary program is designed to focus on independence as the children become more aware of the world around them.

The primary classroom is arranged to allow your child to make this transition an easy one and the materials are designed to stimulate, attract, and awaken the child’s curiosity with a learning experience that children enjoy.

4-years-old marks a sensational time for a Montessori child, plus they are miniature explorers and scientists. Children become more independent and start to become intensely interested in academic work.

Our TK/Kindergarten is divided into five areas: Language, Mathematics, Cultural Arts (which includes History, Geography, and Science), sensorial and practical Life.

Welcome to Norco Montessori Academy!

The Norco Montessori Academy is a great place to start the thinking journey of your child. Our program offers a home away from home and a chance for the children to  expand their mind and explore their skills. Providing the Montessori Method of Education as the foundation, we utilize Common Core State Standard and the STEAM program as our curriculum. The curriculum offers daily, weekly, and monthly lesson plans to enhance the learning experience of the child. The curriculum promotes development by focusing on the following four areas.

Physical development

Playtimes provide children opportunities to develop their physical strength, Coordination, and balance. This increases their self-control and esteem and helps release energy which is vital for growth and development.

Personal, social, and emotional development

Children in primary school are highly encouraged to have a strong self-concept and respect for others. Through this they learn to build positive relationships and value friendship, which is a key part of social and emotional development as well as developing self-esteem and self-acceptance.

Creative development

Children are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity through various activities such as music, drama and arts and crafts. Those activities allow the children to develop their individuality, artistic expression and help develop fine motor skills.

Literate Development

Children participate in activities based on letters and sounds to develop their pre-reading and writing skills such as games, stories, songs, and role play.

We are very confident that we can guide your children to spread their wings.


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